Don't forget to enjoy the gift of your garden

Dec 23, 2016

Credit LSU AgCenter

I often write columns on what needs to be done in the garden. I remember once meeting a gentleman who said his wife read my columns faithfully, then make a list of gardening tasks he could do. He made a suggestion for a column topic. He asked that I write a column about simply sitting back and enjoying the garden.

And he had a point. We often spend so much time working in the garden, that we can forget to sit down and simply appreciate what we accomplish.

During this busy time of the year when giving and receiving gifts is so much part of the season, it's important to consider there are many gifts our gardens give us.

It's easy to appreciate the bright flowers, sweet fruit, fresh vegetables, and delightful fragrances. Plants can also provide privacy and enclosure for our living spaces. Gardens also provide shade that's critical in the torrid heat of our summer.