The Conversation Piece Azalea Blooms in Fall, Too

Oct 19, 2018

Credit LSU AgCenter

It could be argued that azaleas define the spring season in Louisiana. That's because for a long time the most commonly planted Azalea were the large growing Southern Indica types. They produce their flowers and short but incredible display all the way from mid-March through mid April.

But times are changing. With the introduction and more common usage of alternate season blooming azaleas, such as the popular Encore or Robin Hill groups of azaleas, it is not unusual to see azaleas blooming during the late summer fall and even into the winter months.

And that brings us to a wonderful fall blooming Robin Hill azalea called the Conversation Piece azalea. It's a Louisiana Super Plant Selection from 2012. The Robin Hill group of azalea, to which the Conversation Piece belongs, is known for multi-seasonal blooming, typically well-blooming in the fall and again in the spring.