Advice For Harvesting Your Cold Season Vegetables

May 20, 2019

Credit LSU AgCenter

May is one of the most improtant months for vegetable gardening. This month, we're harvesting vegetables, pulling out lingering cold crops, planting new transplants, and more. If you planted your early spring vegetables at the right time, you should be harvesting bell peppers, tomatoes, snap beans, and squash at the end of May. Cucumbers and irish potatoes should be coming soon.

Remember the one-quarter turn or twist test. If you can twist the bell pepper one quarter of a rotation and it comes off the plant, that's when it should be harvested. If you have to twist it a full rotation, it's not ready to be pulled yet.

It's time to plant transplants including eggplants, southern peas, hot pepers, and sweet potatoes.