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Louisiana Delegation: Where They Stand on Travel Ban

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Louisiana’s congressional delegation is speaking up on President Donald Trump’s travel ban. 

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, speaking with FOX News Sunday morning, cast blame on the other party for the controversy over the President’s executive order.

“It’s unfortunate to see some Democrats taking that as an affront,” Louisiana’s 1st District congressman said. “Shouldn’t they be celebrating the fact that somebody’s actually following through on the promises they made to the American people?”

A Republican, Scalise sticks to the theme of “America First”.

“President Trump is focused on reasserting the United States of America’s strength around the world to our allies and our enemies,” Scalise said, loyally.

Freshman 3rd District Congressman Clay Higgins took to the U.S. House floor Monday morning to voice his displeasure with protestors, and his support for the order.

“President Trump’s order is not a betrayal of American values. His actions inspire hope for America to embrace its rightful place as leader of the free world,” Higgins declared.

Adding that he had been “privy to many jihadist plots that have been stopped”, Higgins went on to say, “It’s clear to me that the status quo immigration policy will not control the threat of the radical Islamic terror. Thank God that President Trump has upheld his oath to protect American lives.”

4th District Congressman Mike Johnson has released a statement via Facebook: "It is clear that many in the media are intentionally misrepresenting the content of the president's executive order on immigration. It is a matter of common sense that we must carefully review persons entering our country from areas known to be terrorist strongholds. This is not an effort to ban any religion, but rather an effort to adequately protect our homeland. We live in a dangerous world, and this important measure will help us balance freedom and security."

5th District Congressman Ralph Abraham reiterates what he tweeted this weekend: “I am behind President Trump’s travel ban 100%.”

And U.S. Senator John Kennedy supports the executive order.

“If you want to come to America, you have to be rigorously vetted to make sure you’re not a terrorist – regardless of your religion, regardless of your country of origin. And I think that’s a good thing,” Kennedy says.

Senator Bill Cassidy seems to be straddling the fence, issued the following statement: "I know many physicians from these countries who provide vital health services to fellow Americans. Some are naturalized citizens and some permanent residents with green cards. Often times they work in rural areas or inner cities where there are no other doctors. Their ability to return freely to the United States after traveling is important to their patients, neighbors and families. Although I speak of doctors, there are others just as important. I am pleased to see that this order is being refined to address this and I look forward to it being further refined. Our nation's security and our Constitution can be respected simultaneously."

Only 2nd District congressman Cedric Richmond has come out in full opposition. Sunday he tweeted: “The Christian Right is wrong for being silent on this issue. It's the silence of good people that allows evil to persist.”

Then Monday afternoon, the state’s lone congressional Democrat issued a statement: “This unjust, counterproductive, and immoral Executive Order violates the U.S. Constitution and goes against our fundamental values.”