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Surveying the Flooding in Acadiana

S. Lincoln

For many of us here in south Louisiana, the whump-whump-whump of Blackhawks flying overhead is the sound of yet another disaster unfolding. But when Governor John Bel Edwards took the choppers into Acadiana Monday, he was trusting that the sound would bring hope to residents coping with flooding along the Vermilion and Mermentau rivers.

Accompanied by most of his cabinet plus the regional director for FEMA, Edwards urged everyone impacted by the flooding to register with FEMA as soon as possible.

Don’t wait until your particular parish is added. If you suffered damage as relates to this flood, go ahead and register,” the governor said during one of his stops.

Four parishes have thus far been officially designated for federal disaster assistance, but more are expected to be added soon.

Asked about estimates of the total damage due to the flooding, Edwards said, “It’s obviously going to be in the multi-millions of dollars, but we don’t have a handle on the damage yet.”

He was also asked about the death toll, which he gives at five – though others have tallied six.

Quite honestly and sadly, I expect that we will have a few more, because we have some reports where we have some individuals that are in vehicles, but the vehicles haven’t been recovered yet.”

Meanwhile, in southeast Louisiana, submerged roadways are beginning to resurface. But State Police Commander Col. Mike Edmonson said if you’re trying to return to work – to some normalcy – today, check your route first.

Please go on DOTD, look at the State Police website to make sure before you drive that those roadways are passable.”

The governor said you don’t want to be waiting for the choppers to come and rescue you.

We are still in the search and rescue phase in many parishes, as the floodwaters move south and the rivers are cresting further and further south, we have additional areas that are brought into play.”