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Three Republican Candidates on Ballot for Attorney General

Three Republican candidates will be on the ballot for Attorney General this October. The race officially started Tuesday, the first day of qualifying. But it’s one that’s been drawing attention for weeks now.

Buddy Caldwell, the sitting Attorney General, is running for a third time. "I’m fortunate to have been the Attorney General for seven years and nine months now.  This election is about qualifications, experience and integrity," he says.  

Republican candidate Jeff Landry says that’s exactly what the office is missing under Caldwell. "Right now," he says, "we have an Attorney General’s office with a bloated budget and the taxpayers aren’t getting the service they deserve." 

Eyebrows were raised in July when the Republican Party of Louisiana endorsed Landry over Caldwell. It was the first time in nearly 25 years that the party didn’t endorse a Republican incumbent. The LA GOP and Landry have been tight-lipped about their issues with Caldwell. But now that the race is on, that could change. "We believe that voters, given an opportunity, would like to send a conservative to the Attorney General’s office," says Landry.    

Caldwell was a registered Democrat when first elected Attorney General, but switched to the Republican Party in 2011.

While Landry thinks Caldwell lacks the work ethic and integrity, Republican candidate Marty Maley says Landry lacks the experience. "Who you do want as your next Attorney General? Someone that’s a seasoned lawyer, or someone who has a nice skill-set, but has never been in the courtroom."

Landry responded, "I’ve been a police officer.  I’ve been a sheriff’s deputy.  I didn’t hone those skills behind a desk in the comfort of a well-guarded courthouse. This was done on the streets. So I think my qualifications bring a unique perspective and offer more to the voter than any other voter in the race."