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Paul Braun is WRKF's reporter for Capitol Access, our series of reporting on state politics, government, and the people shaping Louisiana's state policy.

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Paul Braun / WRKF

The Republican-controlled Louisiana House of Representatives on Friday overwhelmingly approved several measures aimed at limiting Gov. John Bel Edwards power during times of emergency, including a resolution that would repeal Edwards’ public health emergency for the coronavirus.

Paul Braun / WRKF

Louisiana will no longer accept new applications from small businesses for the state’s coronavirus relief fund, State Treasurer John Shroder announced Tuesday.

Paul Braun / WRKF

The Louisiana Legislature met briefly Monday to officially kick off the second special session of the year.

But as Paul Braun reports, the real work starts today. 

Jessica Rosgaard / WWNO

The coronavirus has injected uncertainty into so many aspects of our daily lives. Voting is no exception.

Paul Braun / WRKF

Louisiana state lawmakers are headed back to the Capitol for the second special legislative session of the year. They’re giving themselves 30 days to address Hurricane Laura recovery, the state’s COVID-19 restrictions, and the nearly-empty Unemployment Trust Fund.

Paul Braun / WRKF

The Louisiana Legislature will convene its second special session of year at 6 p.m. Monday to address the state’s coronavirus restrictions, Hurricane Laura recovery efforts and the dwindling unemployment trust fund.

Jessica Rosgaard / WWNO

This week a federal judge issued a ruling that would require Louisiana to expand access to mail-in ballots during this fall’s presidential election.  The ruling came from a lawsuit that pit voting rights advocates and Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards against Republican Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin.

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Gov. John Bel Edwards loosened Louisiana’s coronavirus restrictions Thursday to allow bars to serve alcohol until 11 p.m. — one hour later than the previous restrictions allowed.

Gov. John Bel Edwards is urging residents of Southeast Louisiana to make storm preparations as forecasters warn Tropical Storm Sally could strengthen to a hurricane before making landfall Tuesday morning. The slow-moving storm could cause flash flooding and storm surge. 

Tom Arthur / Wikimedia

A federal judge this week may decide the fate of the controversial emergency elections plan proposed by Louisiana Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin after preliminary hearings in a lawsuit filed by voting rights groups.