Joshua Nee


Joshua is a graphic designer and currently the Art Director at the Baton Rouge-based pro audio company PreSonus Audio Electronics. After graduating from Baton Rouge High in 2003, he studied Political Science at LSU for a handful of semesters before leaving school to travel the country and world playing drums which he still manages to do with is band, Thou. During long rides in the van and in between tours, he taught himself (with the help of many friends he nagged with questions via text) to use design software. In 2013 he was selected to work and study at the critically acclaimed design firm and advertising agency, TILT, where he amassed creative knowledge and know-how and excelled at fetching beers for the staff on Fridays. Today, Josh enjoys planning unrealistic weekend trips, following his woeful Red Sox, listening to public radio, and spending time chasing around his niece, Harper.