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A WRKF Thanksgiving

WRKF marks Thanksgiving this year with these special programs discussing food, the gathering of loved ones, and the spirit of gratitude.

Gratitude and Conversation: No Small Endeavor’s Holiday Toolkit
Thursday, November 23 at 10am

This holiday, we bring you four conversations to tee you up for a successful and meaningful time with family and friends. We hear from 4 guests… Amy Grant on gratitude after a bike accident; CNN hero Diane Latiker on the gratefulness that comes from serving her community; Heather Holleman with practical tips on how to have a meaningful conversation; and Oliver Burkeman on contemplating life's finitude to be more present.

Turkey Confidential
Thursday, November 23 at 11am

Turkey Confidential is our annual Thanksgiving food show. Francis Lam takes calls and comes to the rescue of Thanksgiving cooks, kitchen helpers, and dinner guests during the biggest cooking day of the year.

Guests include:

  • Kristen Kish, chef, and Top Chef’s newest judge;
  • Michigan chef and award-winning writer Abra Berens, author of Pulp, A Practical Guide to Cooking with Fruit;
  • Jocelyn Delk Adams of Grandbaby Cakes; and
  • Dan Pelosi aka “GrossyPelosi,” the exuberant author of Let’s Eat, 101 Recipes to Fill Your Heart and Home.

Giving Thanks
Thursday, November 23 at 1pm

A celebration of fall, food, and gratitude. Giving Thanks shares music and stories that reflect the meaning of gratitude on Thanksgiving... a contemporary, thoughtful celebration of the inviting, warm, festive spirit of the holiday... without clichés about pilgrims and pumpkin pies.

This year’s show presents the best moments of a quarter century of great guests:

  • Foodies: Stanley Tucci, Nigella Lawson, Jacques Pepin, Calvin Trillin;
  • Writers: Anne Lamott, Adam Gopnik, Julia Sweeney, Anna Quindlen, Deepak Chopra;
  • Poets: Billy Collins, Rita Dove, Nikki Giovanni, Ada Limon. And classic poems read by Patrick Stewart, Bill Moyers, Studs Terkel;
  • Musicians: Michael Tilson Thomas, John Rutter, Sir Stephen Hough;
  • In Memoriam: John Updike, Wendy Wasserstein, Nora Ephron, Rabbi Harold Kushner.

Living on Earth: Plant and Planet-Centered Eating for Thanksgiving
Thursday, November 23 at 7pm

As Americans gather to give thanks over a feast, a look at how embracing the plant world in our diets connects to climate, health, and democracy. Also, in some Native cultures, four more staples join the “three sisters” of corn, beans, and squash– we hear about the “seven sisters” and the importance of saving Native seeds.

The Middle w/ Jeremy Hobson
Thursday, November 23 at 8pm

Jeremy Hobson and guests discuss whether people care about the politics of corporations. Also we discuss talking with your family members around the holidays when your loved ones have different politics.

Things That Go Boom: Against The Grain
Sunday, November 26 at 5pm

In this fall special… how Indigenous knowledge is challenging the military industrial complex. When we think of weapons and war, we usually think about that final ‘bang’ or ‘boom.’ But just getting ready for war has a huge cost for our land, our water, and our food. In this special, we'll take you to to a Whole Foods in Harlem, the shrubsteppe of Washington State, and a suburban Maryland parking lot, to hear about some of the ways that people are pushing back on some of those impacts. First, you'll hear from people whose land was ravaged by nuclear testing, but who aren't giving up on the places they call home. Then, we'll learn how biodiverse crops could see us through some of our biggest security threats. The common thread: from Kazakhstan to Senegal, people are are using Indigenous knowledge to create a new kind of global security.

Adam is responsible for coordinating WRKF's programming and making sure everything you hear on the radio runs smoothly. He is Newscast Editor for the WRKF/WWNO Newsroom. Adam is also the Baton Rouge-based host for Louisiana Considered, our daily regional news program, and is frequently the local voice afternoons on All Things Considered.