Louisiana House Defeats Proposal Allowing Convicted Felons To Serve On Juries

The Louisiana House has rejected a bill that would allow convicted felons to qualify for jury duty after a five year cleansing period.

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Trump Greets Hungary's Hard-Right Leader In Oval Office

President Trump hosted Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban at the White House on Monday, a gesture the past two U.S. presidents avoided granting to the hard-right European leader. "People have a lot of respect for this Prime Minister," Trump said in a photo-op in the Oval Office before their meeting. Trump went on to warmly praise the Hungarian leader: "He's a respected man. And I know he's a tough man, but he's a respected man. And he's done the right thing, according to many people, on...

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A Shantytown Music Box

Jan 6, 2012

A group of artists are filling New Orleans' Bywater neighborhood with an odd orchestra. They've created a whimsical village of fully interactive musical buildings on a vacant lot, and WRKF's Tegan Wendland went for a visit to see if houses really can make music.


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Regional Edward R Murrow Award

WRKF Wins Regional Edward R. Murrow Award!

Capitol Access Reporter, Wallis Watkins' collaborative work on Louisiana's non-unanimous jury law received a 2019 Regional Edward R. Murrow Award for Continuing Coverage.

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