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America's relationship with the outdoors is a patchwork (Rebroadcast)

(Photo credit Dan Bayer)
(Photo credit Dan Bayer)

Whether trekking through Los Angeles or venturing through the backcountry of Idaho, there’s a lot you can learn about America just by traveling through its landscapes. 

And that’s exactly what comedian and activist Baratunde Thurston set out to do. He wrote the book “How to Be Black.” He’s also the host of the podcast “How To Citizen with Baratunde,” where he focuses on collective power.Now, Thurston has turned his attention to the power of the land. He’s out with a new series on PBS called “America Outdoors,” where he explores how the country’s landscapes — both urban and rural — shape America’s identity.  

We talk with Thurston. Then, we air our conversation with the new National Park Service director Charles “Chuck” Sams III, the agency’s first Native American to serve in the role. Wetalkwith him about preparing the parks for climate change — and how to make them inclusive for all.

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