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A Surge Of COVID-19 Cases And Deaths In Los Angeles

Los Angeles County is the first in the country to reach one million cases of COVID-19.  Plus, a new, potentially more contagious, variant of coronavirus has also cropped up in several counties in Southern California.

Deaths in L.A. County have reached such a high level that local environmental officials now are allowing more bodies to be cremated.

The county has also opened five new large-scale vaccination sites, including at Dodger Stadium. Mayor Eric Garcetti says that location will be the largest vaccination site in the United States.

From KCRW’s Caleigh Wells’ reporting:

Tiahna Herrera arrived on Friday to find a sea of traffic cones and very few cars, reminiscent of a weekday at Disneyland. Once she showed the documentation proving she was a health care worker, she and a group of cars were funneled into one of several vaccination pods.

“They rolled down my window, they had a little cart with an ice chest, and the vaccines are in there. There’s probably like four carts going around, just giving you the vaccine,” she said.

After the required 15-minute recovery period, her group of cars was released to make room for the next wave. She made it through in 45 minutes.

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