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1A Goes To Therapy With Esther Perel

The fourth season of "Where Should We Begin" premieres on June 25.
The fourth season of "Where Should We Begin" premieres on June 25.

Esther Perel knows most relationships are really hard. And adding months of social distancing into the mix probably doesn’t help.

Have you noticed more fights with your partner? Maybe the chemistry you experienced at first just isn’t as present? Or are you finding out new things about them?

Take this pair, recently profiled in The Cut. Michel and Keisha have been married for five years. But until isolation — he didn’t know she could cook.

Here’s what she said.

His cooking was the main reason I agreed to marry him. His enthusiasm to feed us, from recipe research to menu planning, to shopping, and the way he tries to get everyone involved—it’s like he’s selling us the specials. I even enjoy watching him trying to disable the smoke alarm. From the very beginning, I said, “I don’t cook.” But I didn’t mislead him, really. I just never wanted to participate.

The podcaster and bestselling author takes us through a consultation with a real couple and answers your questions.

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Avery Kleinman