storm damage

LSU AgCenter

It's hurricane season. It's time to look at the trees in your landscape. Do you see trees with large dead branches? Any completely dead trees? They should be pruned or removed. A sickly tree that is low in vigor or that is showing significant signs of decay or rotten areas in the trunk should be questioned, since it might be a threat in a wind storm.

Southern red oaks do not shed their leaves early in high winds. One result is that their canopy acts as a "sail" that pulls the trees over in storms.
Hallie Dozier / LSU AgCenter

We all were surprised by the big storm that moved through on Monday. This is a wake up call to all of us about our trees with hurricane season about a month away.

Citrus Growers See Worst Damage Ever From Hurricane Isaac

Sep 14, 2012

The LSU Ag Center reports that Hurricane Isaac caused the worst damage in memory to citrus crops in Plaquemines Parish.