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Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon on insurance issues as hurricane season approaches. Ellen Meacham, author of “Delta Epiphany,” on Robert Kennedy’s odyssey through Mississippi in 1967. Producer Carol Bidault previews tonight’s showing of “Cut Off’ at the Louisiana International Film Festival.

Pictured: Jim Donelon

Rates and Contributions at Issue in Insurance Race

Sep 17, 2015

 “This is an extremely important office because it affects everyone in this state,” states Matt Parker, a candidate for the position.

Insurance Commissioner is one of the only statewide jobs that has a noticeable effect on the bills you pay regularly. And incumbent Jim Donelon has drawn three challengers because of those bills.

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Homeowner’s insurance was a huge issue in the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and a huge expense for several years to come. But what’s the situation now, ten years after?

“It is truly a more robust and competitive marketplace than it was the day before Katrina,” states Louisiana Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon.

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Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon discusses insurance issues with hurricane season starting Saturday.

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New Orleans State Senator Karen Carter Peterson talks about her comments on the Senate floor Tuesday, alleging that opposition to elements of President Obama's health care reforms are "because of race".

Jim talks with talk show host, publisher, writer, former Secretary of State and former Insurance Commissioner Jim Brown.