Governor John Bel Edwards

Louisiana Education Superintendent John White on his evaluation by the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education and the state of education in our state.

Mark Ballard, Capitol Bureau Chief for the Advocate, comments on the GOP search for a challenger to Gov. John Bel Edwards.

Dr. Karen Dantin (pictured) of Baton Rouge discusses the keys to managing stress.

Law Professor and former Louisiana Democratic Party Communications Director Susan Nelson and LSU Political Scientist Jeff Sadow exchange views on Gov. Edwards and President Trump as they survey the political landscape in Baton Rouge and across the nation.


Celebrated Paleontologist Steve Brusatte offers new history to a lost world in his book: “The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs.”



Former Louisiana Democratic Executive Director Trey Ourso. Journalist Marc Ambinder reflects on a close call in 1983 as the U.S. and the Soviet Union weighed the prospect of a nuclear exchange. Ambinder’s book is “The Brink.” Advocate Bureau Chief Mark Ballard on qualifying for the Secretary of State election, controversy on the Metro Council and Gov. John Bel Edwards facing Bayou Bridge protestors.

Democrat Lamar White and Republican Darrell Glasper (pictured) exchange views on President Trump and Governor Edwards as the special legislative session enters its final week.

Capitol Bureau chief Mark Ballard of The Advocate on the action in House committees Thursday to address the fiscal cliff.