Plant, harvest, and plan in your late-July garden

Jul 23, 2017

Credit LSU AgCenter

Everyone loves to garden when the weather is perfect, but the summer sets apart the hardcore pros from the novices. There is still plenty to do in the gardens in late July.

Tasks you can do for your vegetable garden in July include harvesting, planting, planning, and amending the soil for late fall and early winter vegetables.

The heat and rainfall will cause vegetables to mature and ripen much more quickly than they did a month or two ago. Check the garden for harvestable vegetables as often as possible. Check daily if possible. If left unharvested, a perfect zucchini can quickly turn into a zucchini that's rotting on the vine.

Eggplant, okra, hot peppers, and some tomatoes are just a few of the vegetables we can harvest this month.

We can get a head start on the fall vegetable garden now by planting seeds for transplants that will take four to six weeks to produce. Transplants we can grow from seeds include broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, chinese cabbage, peppers, and fall tomatoes.

On the other hand, cantaloupe, cucumbers, southern peas, and squash transplants are some of the vegetables that can be purchased and planted directly into the garden right now.

Pumpkins for jack-o-lanterns or halloween decorations should get into the ground promptly.