Louisiana Eats: Beans About Mardi Gras

Feb 10, 2018
Originally published on February 11, 2018 10:09 am

It's Carnival time in Louisiana! This week, we join revelers near and far for the biggest free party on earth.

We begin with Devin De Wulf, founder of the Krewe of Red Beans. Devin gives us a behind-the-scenes look at how the krewe puts together their intricate bean suits to roll on Lundi Gras Day.

The party continues as we meet some of New Orleans' "unofficial ambassadors." Producers Joe Shriner and Sarah Holtz hit the streets of the French Quarter to speak with members of the service industry about their interactions with out-of-town visitors.

Next, veteran thespians Bryan Batt and Tom Cianfichi share their thoughts on how to best experience -- and dress for -- Mardi Gras Day. After that, we hear about the illustrious history of Carnival from Errol Laborde.

And we visit with Brewmaster Karlos Knott of Bayou Teche Brewing to learn about Mardi Gras traditions in Cajun country. Finally, Toby Rodriguez and Lucius Fontenot describe the Prairie Mardi Gras traditions that make Acadiana unique.

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