Louisiana Eats: Heroes, Villains & Hamantaschen

Feb 24, 2018
Originally published on February 24, 2018 10:54 pm

Another Carnival season is behind us, but the Jewish festival of Purim is right around the corner. First, we learn all about Purim with the help of Benay Bernstein. She provides an introduction to this joyful day – one unlike any other on the Jewish calendar.

To continue, author Joan Nathan shares her knowledge of global Jewish foodways. As she tells us, the Jewish diaspora even reached the Mississippi River -- to Louisiana’s early Jewish settlers.

Next, we hear from Michael Twitty. He's a writer, culinary historian, and Judaic studies teacher who's dedicated to drawing connections between African and Judaic food traditions.

We also get into the Purim spirit by talking to cocktail writer Noah Rothbaum of The Daily Beast. In a series he calls "Jews & Booze," Noah examines the role that Jews have played in popularizing distilled spirits. 

And we finish up with Joyce Goldsteinauthor of The New Mediterranean Jewish Table. Joyce discusses the diverse recipes of Sephardic Jews.

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