Help your tropical plants get used to the dark

Nov 12, 2016

Credit LSU AgCenter

Louisiana gardeners often use containers of tender tropical plants on decks, patios, porches, and in courtyards. They provide color and beauty through the summer season.

These plants thrive in the outdoor conditions, but since they can't withstand freezing temperatures, we have to protect them over the winter.

You may move them inside on freezing nights as needed, or you may choose to bring them inside for the entirety of the season.

Lots of people opt for the latter, as it's less trouble than moving them in and out.

One of the problems these plants encounter when they're moved inside for the season is the sudden reduction in the mount of light they are accustomed to receiving.

It's a good idea to move your outdoor tropicals to a shaded location before moving them indoors to acclimate them to lower light levels before moving them indoors.