First Bell: Resounding Experiences in Education

Mar 17, 2014

We have all had experiences in education that have shaped our ideas about teaching and learning, that have shaped who we are.

For state Superintendent John White, it was that moment when he came to appreciate that what happens during lunch hour is just as important as what happens during class time. For LaToya Johnson, it was the moment when she realized that learning the ABCs wasn't as easy as A-B-C for her youngest son. For Eric Reed, it was when he realized his teammates weren't cheering with the black students during a high school pep rally.

When did the "first bell" ring for you?

The "First Bell" series adds more voices to conversations about education in Louisiana by gathering stories from students, parents, and educators about those experiences -- all told in their own words.

WRKF has partnered with LSU’s Manship School of Mass Communication on the project. Along with WRKF's news staff, Manship School students are producing some of the stories.

We are continuing to collect stories for “First Bell” and you can take part:

  • Share your story.
  • Tell us a story you've heard from someone else.
  • Suggest a person or organization we should reach out to for stories.

Email with "My First Bell" in the subject line, or tweet using the hashtag #MyFirstBell.